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DGC’s tumbler classes continue to build on the foundational skills developed through kindergym and they are also an entry point for children who have not been introduced to gymnastics before. In a safe, controlled environment, our coaches assist your child in discovering the many disciplines involved in the sport. 

Kindergym gymnasts aged 4+ may be invited to Mini-Gym, sometimes a program itself, at other times integrated with our Tumbler programs.

The four F's of gymnastics are put to the test:

  • FUN

In addition to the four F's, Tumblers are also training skills to develop coordination, balance, agility and strength using traditional and non-traditional gymnastic equipment. 

Our coaches are well trained to cater to a variety of abilities and ages, and with each term's curriculum focusing on new skills, children can continue to enjoy the challenges the program offers term after term.

This class can provide pathways to competitive gymnastics, or to the other recreational classes offered at DGC, as well as providing an ideal springboard to all other sports!

See our Tumblers flyer below!

Girls Only
9+ Years [Girls Teens = 11-15 years]

If you are new to gymnastics or continuing on from tumblers, girls can experience all areas of gymnastics in a class with girls aged 9 and up (in Girls Teens, from 11-15 years).

Skills developing confidence, coordination, balance, agility and strength are explored across the various apparatus and gymsports. Our programs and structure is similar to the Tumblers program (above), with skills being extended! This program can be used as a pathway into our other programs, such as WAG, Team Gym, Tumble or Free-G, or gymnasts can continue to develop and be challenged in their girls only classes.

We really try to support keeping our girls in sport, as these are the ages where most girls leave their sports in Australia. Confidence through fitness, fun, friendships, and learning gymnastics!

See our Girls Only flyer below!

Boys-Gym Steps Program - Green and Yellow
6+ Years

If you are new to gymnastics or continuing on from tumblers, boys can experience all areas of gymnastics in class with boys aged 6 and up. Skills developing coordination, balance, agility, and strength are explored across the Men's apparatus, as well as the trampoline, our Ninja and Strength areas. We promote fun and enjoyment through preparation and progression, in a safe environment, with our highly trained coaches!

Our Boys-Gym Program has 8 Steps, that integrate and transfer into Gymnastics Australia's MAG Levels Program (Men's Artistic Gymnastics).

Boys-Gym Green = Steps 1-3: Entry into our Men's Gymnastics pathways at DGC. With a focus on foundations and the development of training ability. Classes are offered throughout the week, with gymnasts ideally attending two classes a week but there is the option of attending a single class if preferred.

Boys-Gym Yellow = Steps 4-8: 2 classes will be attended each week so the whole program is covered. Attending a strength session is also required to ensure that participants have the strength and conditioning required to perform the skills in the higher steps. This program can be used as a pathway into local competitive events and/or MAG Squads, dependent on our entry criteria. Our Steps Program has been developed using Gymnastic Australia's 4x4 Program and MAG ALP Levels 1-5.

If your child is in the Boys-Gym Program and wishes to be considered for DGC's MAG Squads, to compete at local club and state events, please let us know! With the curriculum for the Steps and ALP programs being the same, if enough boys are interested, an additional 'Routines' training day can be added for terms 2 and 3 to convert the corresponding Steps individual skills, into connected MAG routines. 

See our BoysGym flyer below!

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