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We are proud of our state of the art equipment, all of which we have worked very hard for to ensure quality, safety and durability!

DGC is fitted out to deliver a great range of Recreational programs, as well as competitive MAG, WAG & Floor Sports (Acro, RG and Tumble) programs. To support these programs develoipment we also have 2 inground foam pits, a ground level competition trampoline, great methodocial equipment and a strength & conditioning area. 

See below our monumental events and periods during Darwin Gymnastic Club's existence! 

If you remember a key event that we have not included, especially those prior to 2010, please send through an image and write up for us to include! 

- Timeline & Memories from 1978 - 1991: have been pulled from documentation provided by Jan & Helen Alcock, with the help of Minoru Yamasaki and Ann Alusiso

- Timeline & Memories from 1991 - 2001: 

- Timeline & Memories from 2001 - 2021: have been resourced from Karen Jipp, Sharon Hartley, Rhys Barden and the Wagland Family...

Before officially formed as a club
Mrs Lola Price coached gymnastic in Casuarina High
then Nightcliff then PCYC Smith Street
Darwin Gymnastic Club & NTGA formed in 1981
Minoru Yamasaki & Ann Aluiso heads of coaching
The Old Town Hall Mitchell Street
DGC's colours are chosen (Navy & Sky Blue)
Glenn Duncan offered a scholarship with the AIS
Still at the Old Town Hall, the club had grown
to 300 gymnasts from ages 4 to WAG & MAG
NT Minister Sport made
Sports House Fannie Bay available
first time no longer daily set up & down
Minoru Yamasaki became the first
NT Gymnast to compete at Nationals
In Perth!
1983 World Champs Budapest
at 1983 Nationals, Minoru represented
the NT again, being selected as part
of the Australian Team at World Champs Budapest
1983 S.A. Championships
Faberge Champs Adelaide
WAG L6 & 7 Teams
MAG L6 John Parella 2nd on FX
DGC moved into the Marrara Training Hall
Main coaches being Shunyo Iji
Minoru & Ann Yamasaki
1984 John Parella attends AIS Clinic
from which he was selected onto the
Australian Junior Team
to vs. New Zealand
1985 World Champs Montreal
After rep. DGC & NT once more at
Australian Champs Melbourne Minoru
was selected on the Australian Team for Worlds
1985 - Australian Junior MAG Champs Adelaide
John Parella wins gold on Floor and
Bronze on Rings! a great effort!
1985 - Australian Junior WAG Champs Canberra
Yasmin Crawshaw, Kirsti Arbon & Jackie Mackenzie
compete for the NT
1986 - Australian Junior WAG Champs in DARWIN!
DGC gymnasts Kirsti Arbon & Jackie
Mackenzie were on the NT Team
1986 - Australian Junior MAG Champs Brisbane
DGC gymnasts fill NT Team!
John Parella, Mark Burden, Frankie Sacchi
Brett Lewis, Nicholas Sloane and Adriano Di Pierro
1986 - Faberge Championships
11 gymnasts from DGC compete at the
Adelaide comp in levels 6-9
1987 - WAG National Championships
Launcestion Tasmania
5 DGC gymnasts part of 6 member
NT Team in level 8 & 9
Yasmin Crowshaw offered a scholarship at the AIS
Jackie MacKenzie, now in QLD Team
selected in Australian Team to vs NZ
1989 - MAG National Championships Melbourne
DGC NT Gymnasts takes Gold AA!
Brett Lewis wins Gold AA, 1st=FX RR HB
Silver=PB - offered AIS scholarship in 1990
1990 - WAG National Championships Sydney
3 Lvl 8 DGC gymnasts in NT team of 7
Dorothy Boyes, Sonia Di Pierro, Susan Sacchi
1991 - WAG National Championships Hobart
Dorothy Boyes - sole DGC competetor
on NT team of 6
1991 - WAG girls attend AIS Clinic
Leticia Lam, Amanda Herriot, Kate Lam
Kim Faehse, Simone Wileman, Vicki Thompson
2000 - Artistic National Championships
DGC grabs Gold!
DGC MAG Team grabs Gold at
National Clubs Championships 2000?
2000 Pacific School Games
DGC gymnasts on MAG & WAG NT teams
2006-2008 DGC Committee
Parents and Families of DGC pull together to
keep club strong and afloat against adversity
2008 - National Clubs Canberra
DGC sends 10 MAG gymnasts
teams in level 3 & 6 with coaches Matt and Sergei
2012 - National Clubs
DGC sends WAG gymnasts
on the back end of Singapore Invitational
2012 - Singapore Prime Invitational
DGC sends MAG & WAG gymnasts
2013 - Singapore Prime Invitational
DGC sends MAG & WAG gymnasts
2014 - Singapore Prime Invitational
DGC sends MAG & WAG gymnasts
2015 National Clubs Bendigo (ACRO, MAG, WAG)
2015 NSW ACRO State Championships
2017 AussieGold Cheer
2017 Singapore MAG & WAG
2017 National Championships Melbourne
3 DGC gymnasts from MAG & WAG
Join NT Team: Tyson West, Amelia
Pollon, Cassandra Ho
2018 - Aussie Gold Cheer
2018 National Championships Melbourne
5 DGC gymnasts from MAG & WAG
Join NT Team: Ty Pettersen, Luke
Mustey, Louis Reid, Laura Chapman & Jacinta Saynor
2018 National Clubs Gold Coast - ACRO, WAG, MAG
- 2019 Arafura Games -
Gymnasts feature in closing ceremony!
2019 Maroochy Beach Invitational
2019 Townsville Tropical
2019 - GymFun Colour Explosion
2020 - DGC Goes ONLINE COVID19
2021 - DGC turns 40!
Celebrated on the 6th June, with photos, videos &
visitors (including Helen Alcock herself!)
where it's fun to hang out!