Squad Strength / Handstand & Mobility

Squad Strength:

Strength & Conditioning Programs are catered specifically to our Competitive Gymnasts. If non-competitive gymnasts are interested, please send us an email, and we will see what we can offer. 

There is no need to 'Register Now' for this program.

Fees and subscription are included in Competitive Squad fees and timetable. If you are unable to attend the class/time provided in your squad package, please let us know via email the strength session you wish to swap it for, and we will let you know if we have space in that session.


DGC's PAD Tests are scheduled for twice a year, with some squads doing additional tests for more regular feedback. PAD Tests are used Nationally as a WAG test, with ours being adapted where necessary to include our other competitive disciplines. We have listed some key points of information below:

  • Gymnasts are given a certificate with the results from the test. These results show how they are performing in areas of strength, flexibility and conditioning, providing feedback on areas that need improvement and extra effort.
  • Results are a progress report, assisting gymnasts and their coaches to set goals, maintain and increase motivation, and assess the outcomes of the programs we have. 
  • Ongoing monitoring assists us in being sure of the placement of gymnasts within our Club programs’ and ensuring safety standards are maintained by matching the physical development of gymnasts with their training and performance levels.

The 12 exercises within the PAD test are: 

  • Handstand Hold, Press Handstand, Leg Lifts, Dish Hold, Chin Ups, Rope Climb, Push Ups, Calf Raise Left & Right, Long Jump, Bridge, Left Right and Side Splits

These are focused on weekly in the strength session, alongside cardio fitness, general strength and conditioning. If the strength session and your squad training is not enough for you to achieve your goals, please let us know if you want to attend additional sessions to help your gymnastics soar and improve your PAD score!

Handstand & Mobility:

Our Handstand & Mobility Program cater specifically to our Competitive Gymnasts. If non-competitive gymnasts are interested, please send us an email, and we will see what we can offer. 

Flexibility, handstand ability and strength create a gymnast's 'physical preparation' and are the foundations on which gymnastic skills and performance are built; and also play a huge role in training recovery and injury prevention throughout the season. Now a 1-hour weekly class, during Handstand & Mobility, gymnasts will work on:

Handstands - The focus is on different handstand variations on a variety of apparatus (floor/acro canes/bars/beams/etc), and skills with handstands in them such as presses, pirouettes, walking, etc. This class will help to strengthen and improve balance and form within those skills. Do you have a handstand goal? Let us know, and we will help get you there!

Mobility - The second part of the class focuses on improving mobility (also categorised as flexibility/range of motion) in all body actions, making it easier to perform all aspects of movement, be it to support your gymnastics, other sports ventures and/or general body awareness and health.  

Utilising active/dynamic, and static exercises across the body, the aim is to improve mobility and muscle coordination, reducing risks of injury and improve post-training recovery. It is never too late to get flexible, but the younger understanding and ability are implemented, the easier the process is to maintain these abilities over growth spurts and reduce injury during these periods. This is much easier than during or after large growth spurts, inhibiting your body's movement ability, right when the risk of injury is at its peak.

General flexibility? Need your splits at 180 degrees for routines? Want to improve your skills aesthetics? A better bridge for more consistent walkovers on beam?

Our coaches are great at keeping everyone challenged and progressing regardless of their ability level, new/experienced or recreational/competitive. 

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