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Frequently Asked Questions!

  • "What should my child wear for class?"

Appropriate attire includes:

      • Hair tied back – out of face (and preferrably hair is not below the nape of their neck)
      • Jewellery, watches and fitbits left at home so equipment is not damaged and to ensure gymnast/coach safety
      • Clothing should be stretch fabric or loose fitting enough to allow movement but not baggy
      • Female gymnasts are encouraged to wear a full piece leotard. (underwear is not recommended under a leotard)
      • Male gymnasts should wear a tight fitting t-shirt or singlet, shorts cut above knee height (e.g. Rugby style shorts) with no pockets.  Underwear (briefs) must be worn at all times under shorts (boxer shorts are not acceptable)
  •  "What should my child bring to class?"

A small carry bag (i.e. sports draw string bag/library bag) for:

      • Water Bottle - Please ensure your child brings along a FULL water bottle to take into class with them. This MUST contain water only.
      • Belongings - i.e. shoes
      • Equipment - Competitive Squad gymnasts may have equipment that is needed at all training sessions and events (refer to our parent handbook, or your resources in your login tabs)
      • Medical Equipment (if required) - inhalers! If your child has serious allergies and is attending training or an event, please leave their Epi Pen with their coach or our club manager Karen!

  • "My child is unable to attend training... how do I let the club/coaches know?"

Letting coaches know that your child will not be attending is very helpful. It assists with planning during the immediate session, and if it is due to injury/sickness, it also helps prepare for your child's return to training (what content was missed, etc).

We have an email address just for parents reporting absences, an easy way our coaches are informed ASAP.

Please save this to your contacts list incase it is needed at some stage:    absences@darwingym.com

  • "How can I communicate with my childs coach?"

If you want a quick overall update on your child's training, you may try to catch them at the end of your gymnast's session. Please remember our coaches often go straight from one session to the next, so there is not much time for a large debrief, as they will not let their following class miss out on their training time.

If you have issues or concerns, or wish to talk pathways, please read on below:

In order to ensure clear and consistent communication between Management, Coaches, Parents and volunteers, all communication is requested to go through the Club email or via the Club Manager, if in person. This includes ensuring that coaches are not contacted directly either via text, messenger or email for any reason.

To protect the Club, coaches and gymnasts, any discussions regarding performance, ongoing injuries, behavioural matters or other general concerns should be discussed with a Senior Coach with the Club Manager in attendance, via appointment. If you wish to book an appointment, please email admin@darwingym.com

Soon to come:

  • "What are my childs coaches training experiences and accreditations?"

  • "When do I have a chance to spectate my childs gymnastics?"

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