DGC Staff

Club Manager - Karen

Karen's involvement in the club started when as a parent of gymnasts, she joined the DGC committee as a general member, and then as Treasurer, prior to then being employed as our Club Manager. Karen managed a successful family business for many years and also provided book keeping and administrative services to local small businesses.

Karen wears many hats, responsible for admin, event, staff and day to day requirements of managing DGC, and is the link between the Committee and Staff, and between DGC and external agencies.

Karen is also a very well deserving 'Life Member' of Darwin Gymnastic Club!

WAG and MAG Program Manager & Senior Coach - Rhys

Rhys has been a part of DGC for 20 years as a MAG & Tumble gymnast and as a Coach for 13 of those years. Rhys is supervisor and mentor to DGC's developing coaches. In 2018, Rhys was nominated and named Darwin’s Young Citizen of the Year for his involvement in the gymnastic community. Rhys has been a passionate volunteer in both club roles, as a judge, and as the Technical Director for MAG and Tumble in the past. Rhys is also a 'Life Member' of Darwin Gymnastic Club!

Rhys has the following gymnastic accreditations:
- Advanced Silver FIG 2  MAG & WAG Coaching

- Advanced Power Tumbling  & GfA Coaching

- Intermediate Acrobatics Coaching

- WAG Advanced, MAG Intermediate Bronze & Tumble Intermediate,Trampoline Beginner Judging

Rhys has a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science and is now currently studying a Masters in Occupational Therapy.

Throughout the week you will see Rhys coaching: 

  • - MAG Squad Black
  • - Team coaching WAG Orange
  • - Team coaching WAG Rose
  • - Team coaching WAG Blue
  • - WAG Development Navy & Aqua
  • - Tuesday Adult Class
  • - Saturday Tumblers Recreation

GfA Program Manager & Senior Coach - Sharon

Coach Sharon is a leader in the field of recreational gymnastics, promoting Gymnastics across many school programs, and providing gymnastic opportunities across all age groups. Sharon herself trained and competed as a Rhythmic gymnast Nationally in New Zealand, and later in Katherine.

Sharon has the following accreditations:

- Advanced Rhythmic & GfA

- Intermediate WAG, MAG and Kindergym accreditations

- Module 1: Spring and Landing Certificate

Sharon is also supervisor and mentor to DGC's developing coaches.

At DGC, Sharon coaches: 

  • Rhythmic Rec. 
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday morning Kindergym 
  • Tumblers
  • Girls Only
  • Team Gym

Sharon is also a 'Life Member' of Darwin Gymnastic Club!

Acrobatics & Tumble Program Manager & Senior Coach - Rachael

Coach Rachael has represented DGC as both an athlete and a coach in Sports ACRO at National Clubs,NT Champs & DGC Invitationals as well as competing in WAG in Singapore's Prime Invitational at Level 6 and at local events and National Clubs at Level 7. Rachael currently attends the DGC Adult Tumbling class. Rachael is also a 'Life Member' of Darwin Gymnastic Club!

Rachael holds the following Accreditations:
- Advanced WAG, Acro, GfA and Free G Coach
- Intermediate Tumble and MAG Coach

Rachael is currently busy also studying Nutrition & Sport Science through UniSA.

Throughout the week you will see her coaching: 

  • WAG Violet 
  • WAG Pink
  • Performance Acro 
  • Tumble Pro
  • Handstand & Mobility Pro
  • Girls Only & Tumblers
  • Strength

Strength Program Manager and Senior Coach - William

Coach William joined the DGC Team in 2017.

William has the following accreditations:

-Intermediate GfA, Kindergym, MAG & WAG 

-Module 1: Spring and Landing Certificate

William is working through his MAG Advanced Accreditation and he is an accredited Personal Trainer and has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science!

You can see William coaching:

  • Boys Yellow & Green 4x4 Programs
  • Thursday Kindergym
  • Tumblers
  • Kindergym
  • Free G
  • Strength sessions

Senior Coach Temieka

Temieka joined the DGC Team in 2013. In 2017 Temieka and her now husband posted to Townsville and 2 years subsequent to that, they moved to Adelaide. This year, Temieka, Ben and their 2 sons have returned to Darwin and Temieka has rejoined our coaching ranks.

Temieka, herself a WAG gymnast for many years reaching and later a Cheerleader has a range of accreditations, much like the rest of our core staff and is a valuable addition to the team. Temieka has also judged at the WAG Advanced level for many years.

Temieka has accreditations in the following gymsports:

-Advanced WAG and GfA

-Intermediate Acro and Tumbling

Temieka has a Bachelor in Sport and Recreational Management and a Certificate III & IV in Fitness.

 You will see Temieka coaching:

  • Team Coaching WAG Blue
  • Girls Only
  • Tumblers
  • Wednesday Adult classes

Senior Coach Kelly

Kelly started gymnastics when she was 1.5 years old. In 1995 Kelly was offered a position in the gymnastics program at WAIS. Whilst there Kelly trained under coaches, Vladimir Joura, Martine George, Nikolai Lapchine, and Jo Richards. She trained at a Junior International level and competed in many state and national competitions. In 2002 Kelly was offered a WAIS scholarship and a position in the Australian Junior National Squad. She competed and medalled at two international competitions in USA, and whilst there Kelly had the opportunity to compete against future Olympians, including Nastia Liukin and Carly Patterson. Kelly retired from WAIS in 2003 due to injuries.

Kelly has been coaching gymnastics for 10 years and got her WAG Advanced accreditation in 2013. Kelly joined the DGC Team in 2017 and throughout the week you will see Kelly Team coaching WAG Rose & WAG Orange squads.

Kelly also supports the club at events such as Pad Tests and competitions.

Coach Skye

Growing up training and competing gymnastics in Darwin, we were very excited to have Skye join our club and become involved in our fantastic sport again! Skye has her GfA Intermediate Coaching Accreditation, and has a great supportive and passionate approach to her coaching delivery!

You will see Coach Skye on Tuesday and Thursday with our WAG Navy Squad gymnasts!

Coach Isabella

Isabella has her Intermediate coaching accreditation and you will see Isabella on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays coaching tumblers.

Isabella is also often in the gym training as a WAG gymnast, where she is representing DGC as a level 7 gymnast.

Isabella is also a Beginner WAG Judge!

Coach Nikki

You will see Coach Nikki on Monday with our girls only gymnasts!

Nikki has her GfA Intermediate Coaching Accreditation

Senior Coach - Siobhan

Siobhan has coached for DGC for over 7 years and after a short break, returned in 2019 to take our Adult, Tumble Adults and Free G classes! Siobhan remains a part of the DGC Team and you can see her at DGC Events, Workshops and filling in for our Senior Coaches when needed.

Siobhan has the following accreditation levels:
- Advanced Silver WAG, Advanced Tumble, GFA and Free G Coach, Intermediate Acro and MAG Coach

- Siobhan is also an Advanced WAG and Intermediate Tumble judge!

You will see Siobhan on Thursday evenings coaching our Adult Strength class, and also supporting DGC at our events!

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