DGC Gymnasts Front 'Sport Voucher' Media Update

30 Jan

Kate Worden MLA: Member for Sanderson:

"SPORT VOUCHERS ARE READY More than 250 local sport, cultural, drama and musical providers are part of the Territory Government’s Sport Voucher program.The vouchers are available to every child enrolled in school from preschool to year 12, including home-schooled children.The sport vouchers mean parents and guardians can better manage the cost of these activities, and they also open the door for children to try new things and learn new skills.http://www.sportvoucher.nt.gov.au/apply"

Darwin Gymnastic Club:

"Sports vouchers are a great initiative and we were excited to be invited to be a part of this media event. Thankyou for the opportunity Kate Worden MLA: Member for Sanderson and thankyou to our gymnastics stars and Coach Rhys"

Watch Social Media Release Here!

Watch 9 News Media Release Here! (mind the phone camera)

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